Savings Guru Stock Up Price List

 The following is a stock up price list for the most commonly bought foods, health & beauty items etc. When prices hit these levels it’s time to stock up.

Produce   Pantry Items
Apples $0.79/lb Almonds $12/kg
Apricots $1.00/lb Bagels $1.00/6pk
Artichoke $0.90/lb BBQ Sauce $1.00/500ml
Asparagus $1.00/kg Bottled Water $0.07/500ml bottle
Avocado $0.60/ea Bread $1.00/loaf
Bananas $0.53/lb Cereal $1.50/box
Blackberries $1/170g Corn Canned $0.60/can
Blueberries $1/170g Evaporated Milk $1.00/can
Broccoli $0.70/large bunch Ferrero Rocher $0.25/ea
Cactus Pear $0.4/ea Flour $7.00/10kg bag
Cantaloupe $1.25/large Halloween Candy $0.1/ea
Carrots $0.40/lb Honey $5.50/kg
Cauliflower $2/large head Jam $2.00/500ml
Cherries $2.5/lb K-Cups $0.40/1cup
Clementine $4.00/2.3kg box Ketchup $2.00/L Heinz
Corn $2.00/1doz Juice $1.00/L (25% min fruit)
Cucumber English $0.80/one Juice Boxes $0.15/box Allen’s/Oasis
Cucumber Mini $1/00/6 mini’s Maple Syrup $11/L ($24 home)
Dragon Fruit $1/ea large Mayonnaise $2.50/500ml
Eggplant $0.80/lb Mustard $1.00/small
Garlic $0.10/head Olive oil (EV) $3.50/L
Grapefruit $0.4/ea Pasta $1/kg
Grapes $1.00/lb Pasta Sauce $1/jar/can
Kiwi $0.20/ea Peanut Butter $2.5/kg
Kohlrabi $0.70/lb Peas canned $0.50/can
Lattice $1/ea Pickles $2.50/1l
Lemons $0.30/ea Pistachios $10.00/kg
Limes $0.20/ea Pop (Coke/Pepsi) $1/2l
Lettuce $0.8/ea Pop (Coke/Pepsi) $0.3/can
Mango $0.70/ea Rice $6.60/10kg bag
Melon $1.00/ea Relish $1.00/ea
Mushrooms $1.00/227g Salt $0.50/kg
Nectarines $1/lb Salmon $1.00/can
Okra $1.30/lb Soya Sauce $2.00/bottle
Onions $0.30/lb Sugar $1.30/2kg
Onions Green $0.4/pk Tassimo T-Cups $0.40/cup
Oranges $0.70/lb Tea Tetley/Red Rose $0.03/bag
Peaches $1/lb Tuna $0.60/can
Pears $1/lb Vegetable Oil $1.00/1l
Peppers $1.5/lb  Walnuts  $9/kg
persimmon $1/lb Health & Beauty
Pineapple $1.50/ea Bar Soap $0.40/bar
Plums $1/lb Body Wash $1.00/bottle
Pomela $2.00/ea large Deodorant $1.50/60g stick
Potatoes $1.60/10lb Hand/Body Lotion $1.00/325ml
Prunes $1/lb Hand Soap B&BW $1.00/one pump
Raspberries $1.40/170g box Hand Soap $0.50/one pump
Squash $0.50/lb Mouth Wash (Listerine) $3.00/1L
Strawberries $2.00/1 lb box Pads $0.10/pad
Tomatoes $0.80/lb Shampoo/Conditioner $1/300ml bottle
Tomatoes Grape $1.30/Container Tampons $0.1/ea
Watermelon $3.00/13lb or more Toothpaste $0.70/100ml
Zucchini $0.60/lb
Refrigerated Items   Household Goods
Butter $2.70/lb Aluminum Foil $0.88/25-foot roll
Cheese $3.50/500g block Baking Soda $2.00/kg
Cottage Cheese $2.00/500ml Bleach $1.00/4L Jug
Cream Cheese $2.00/250g tub Brita Filter $3.00/1 Filter
Eggs $2/doz Dish Soap $1.00/L
Margarine $1.00/1lb tub Dishwasher Tabs $0.1/1 tab
Milk $1.00/L Dryer Sheets $0.1/1 sheet
Sour Cream $1.00/500ml Tub Garbage Bags $0.10/ea
Yogurt $1.50/650g tub Laundry Detergent $0.05/load
Yogurt $0.20/100ml tub Laundry Softener $0.05/load
Kleenex $0.50/box (150)
Pet Items Mr. Clean $1.20/L
Dry Dog Food $8.00/8kg bag Paper Towels $0.33/roll
Dry Cat Food $10.00/8kg bag Toilet Paper $0.10/single roll
Cat Litter $8.00/22kg box Windex $2.00/1L
Meat & Fish   Infant/Toddler Items
Bacon $2.25/lb Diapers Huggies/Pampers 0-2 $0.13/ea
Chicken Breast (F,B,S) $3.0/lb Diapers Huggies/Pampers 3 $0.15/ea
Chicken Drum Sticks $1.00/lb Baby Body Wash $1.00/bottle
Chicken Whole $1.7/lb Baby Wipes $1.25/tub or $0.02/ea
Crab (Snow) $12.00/lb
Fish Frozen Whole $1.50/lb Other Items
Ground Beef Extra Lean $2.50/lb Antifreeze/Windshield Washer $1.30/4L jug
Ham $2.00/lb Dyson or Other Floor Vacuum $200/ea
Ham Bone In $1.50/lb Gym Membership $1.00/day all in
Hot Dogs No Name $1.00/pk Jeans Name Brand $10.00/pair
Hot Dogs Red hots $1.80/pk Mattress Queen Sealey with Box Spring $400.00
Lobster $6.00/lb Mattress King $500
Peameal Bacon $2.00/lb Oil Change $20.00
Pork Back Ribs $2.00/lb Paint/Primer Benjamin Moore $20.00/4L
Pork Tenderloin $1.50/lb Paint/Primer NN $10.00/4l
Salmon Whole $2.00/lb Pajamas Kids $5.00/2pc
Salmon Smoked $1.40/70g Propane $11.00/10kg
T-Bone Steak $6.00/lb Shirt Dress $10.00/ea
Pork Chops $1.6/lb Socks $1.00/pr
Shrimp Large $14.00/kg T-Shirt brand name $3.00/ea
Turkey Whole $1/lb T Shirt Long Sleeve $5.00/ea
Underwear $1.00/pr
Frozen Foods   Computer Related
Fries $1.00/bag Batteries Name Brand AA/AAA $0.25/ea
Frozen Pizza $2.00/1 pizza Batteries 9v $1.00/ea
Frozen Vegetables $2.00/1 bag Flash Drive $50.00/512gb
Frozen Fruit $2.00/600g bag Hard Drive $25.00/terabyte
Ice Cream $2.00/2l box Ink for Printer $0.02/printed sheet
Laptop 15” $300.00
Laptop 17” $450.00
Printer HP/Brother $40.00 ea
Printer Paper $3/ream 500 sheets