Before you read this, here’s a quick summary of the points made on this page. The admins of this group work tirelessly to make it a clean, enjoyable environment where it is easy to find deals. Before doing anything, ask yourself if it is generating unnecessary work for the admins. If it is, don’t do it! The more time the admins have to spend on making the group presentable, the less time they have to spend finding deals.

This means, essentially, don’t tag people, add comments to get notifications, or ask questions before searching thoroughly for the answer in the post. Don’t ask for certain deals, because chances are, if you wait long enough what you’re looking for will show up. Don’t point out that an item is the same price at another store, or tell everyone that the deal is dead.

The admins work tirelessly to make sure that you all have the best Savings Guru experience possible. Do your part, and make their lives a little bit easier.

Don’t tag.

Because this is a secret group, the person who you are trying to tag will not be able to see the post you are trying to tag them in. A better way to get them to see the post would be to add them to the group. Tagging posts causes the group to become more cluttered, and generates more work for the admins. If you want to show a deal to a friend, that’s great! Send them a PM with a link to the deal, or email/text them. There are many ways to share information with your friends; make life easier for everyone else and don’t tag them.

Don’t comment on a deal that it is dead.

If a deal is dead, then it will slowly sink down with all the thousands of other deals into oblivion. By commenting that the deal it dead, the deal actually gets bumped up to the top and causes more confusion than if the deal had been left alone. Just don’t comment! Asking “What was the price?” also creates the same problem. Please just look at the price chart available as the first comment. It will almost always show you the deal price.

Don’t comment “following” or similar on a deal.

Wanting to get notifications from a deal is fine, but commenting “following” or “.” or anything along those lines clutters up the comments and prevents any constructive comments from being seen. If you want to get notifications from a deal, click on options and choose “Turn On Notifications”. This gets you the same result!


Don’t ask members about their thoughts on the product, or review a product yourself.

Savings Guru is a group that focuses on showing people how to get the best deals, not to actually review the item. If you want to express your opinion on an item, or find others’ opinions, check the actual reviews on the item on the product website.

Don’t comment that the same deal is available elsewhere.

There are many factors that account for a deal being as great as it is, and they aren’t all about the price tag. Maybe an item is the same price elsewhere, but there are shipping charges, or a certain coupon won’t work there. Maybe you’re comparing an online deal to an in-store deal and didn’t account for time and gas costs. The admins have a lot of experience in judging deals, and give you the best deal for an item.


Don’t say that “you wish” something.

The admins already work their hardest to get you the deals that they can. Wishing for something specific disrespects the work that the admins are already doing. Just say thank you for what you already have

Don’t request a deal on a certain item.

Savings Guru is a group with hundreds of thousands of members, and deals posted are usually deals that the most people will benefit from and enjoy. The admins don’t have time to go out of their way to look for a certain item. Not only that, but the chances are that if you wait long enough, a deal will come for what you are looking for anyways. Be patient and have foresight, and you’ll get what you’re looking for.

Don’t ask how much an item is or where it’s sold.

Chances are, all of the information you are looking for about an item can be found by simply clicking the link for the deal. Be a bit proactive, and you can find out everything you need to know.

Don’t ask any kind of question that can easily be Googled

Before asking any question (such as “where is the store?” or “what are the opening hours?), try Googling it. Chances are, the admins will have to Google the answer themselves, and doing it yourself will just save them time.

Don’t push your personal agendas on all the members.

If you have a problem with a certain product, please don’t comment on the post saying why you have a problem. Savings Guru promotes all products equally, so try not to guilt trip the other members about getting a product they enjoy.

Don’t tell us why you aren’t getting a deal.

If you don’t have something good to say, try not to say it! Keep the group’s environment as positive as possible. You are, of course, entitled to your opinion but think before you speak.


In light of all of those don’ts, here are some dos:

  1. Do press like on any post that you find interesting. It only takes a second and it will inform Facebook that you want to see more of those kinds of posts in the future and you will get notified when deals are posted.
  2. Do say thank you when you took advantage of a deal. It lets the poster know you appreciate their hard work and encourages them to post more deals like that one.
  3. If you asked a question and it was answered, please do acknowledge the answer with a like or a thank you.
  4. Add your friends to Savings Guru. This would be the ultimate way for you to say thank you.