Checkout 51 (CO 51), SnapSaves, CartSmarts, Zweet, = An app that lets you take picture of your receipt and will send you a cheque you for buying an item on the list.

FPC/FREE PRODUCT COUPON= A coupon that allows you to get the product completely free – tax should be paid by retailer

MIR – mail in rebate

SCOP – scanning code of practice. If the scanned price of an item is higher than the shelf price or any other displayed price, the customer is entitled to receive the first item free, up to a $10 maximum (if over $10, the item is discounted $10 off the item). This is how you can get FREE stuff just by paying attention to your receipts and the cash register

Overage = value of a coupon exceeds the purchase price and you get paid for buying the item.

STACKING = Some stores allow the use of more than one coupon per item, if the coupon itself does not restrict it. You can stack in London drugs,  in few RCSS or WM.

Limit 1 Coupon Per Purchase = You can use one coupon for each item purchased.

Limit 1 Coupon Per Transaction = You can only use 1 coupon per transaction. If you want to use more than one, simply do multiple transactions.

Limit 1 Coupon Per Person/Family = You can only use 1 coupon per store visit. If you wish to use more than one coupon, you can always go back to the store another day.

BOGO or B1G1 = Buy One, Get One Free

Catalina coupon = coupon that prints out as part of your check out and can only be used at that store.

CSM = customer service manager

Captcha = number/letters they ask you to type to verify your not a automated computer program

FS = free shipping

GC = gift card

Hang tag = a coupon hanging of a product.

MSRP = manufacturer’s retail price

SS = SnapSaves. (Or SmartSource)

Tear-pad = A pad of coupons, usually on the shelf or display, where you tear the coupon off of the pad.

WUB = When You Buy

WUS = when you spend

MIR = Mail In Rebate

ER = Electronic rebate

Peelie = A coupon that is attached directly to the product to be “peeled off“.

Forum Chatting:

Bump = bring an older post to be shown as first by making a comment.

Ban = remove the member from the group

HV = High Value

OOP = Out of Pocket

OOS = Out of stock

PM = Private Message/Price Match

UPC = Universal Product Code (barcode on product)

YMMV = Your Mileage May Vary – you might not find it in your local store, The deal might be very hard to get.


BB = Best Buy

B&BW = Bath and Body Works

CZ = Coupon Zone (can be found in RCSS, No frills or Independent)

CT = Canadian Tire

LD = London Drugs

RCSS = Real Canadian Superstore

SOF = Save on Foods

SDM = Shoppers Drug Mart

WM = Walmart

NF = No Frills

GT = Giant Tiget

FB = Food Basics

HH = Home hardware building center

HD = Home Depot

TSC =  Tractor Supply Company


Red Plum (RP) = a coupon insert that comes out periodically in newspapers.

SmartSource (SS) = distribute scheduled coupon inserts in your newspaper.

P&G = Proctor & Gamble (coupon booklet & website)

Unilever = Coupon booklet distributed in the local papers.