Amazon FAQ

1) Why was I charged shipping?

Amazon charges shipping by default. To get free shopping, select the “FREE Super Saver Shipping” option (if available) just before the last confirmation page to get free shipping.

Shipping is only free if you got $35 worth of product from Amazon, not a third party vendor. It needs to say ” & FREE Shipping. Details” after the price. (if available) 

In some cases, you will need to add another item as a filler to pass the $35  price point so you can get free shipping.(if available)  It will be worthwhile in most cases.

Some third party vendors offer free shipping no matter what the value of the item is.

2) It tells me I will get the item in 2 months. Will I have to wait that long?

Amazon is extra careful; in some cases when you order you will get a delivery date within a week or two on items like this. I think that it is more than worth the wait.

You could get a delivery date window as soon as you order. If you didn’t, you can always call customer care and ask for a shipping date window.

3) Amazon says that the item is temporarily out of stock. Is the deal dead?

 If Amazon lets you press that “add to cart” button, the deal is NOT DEAD. Just buy the item; you might even get the date range of the expected delivery of the item before you check out. The out of stock is just to let you know that the item is on the way to the warehouse.  Please do not “help” and do not “warn” people. All you are doing is preventing people from getting an incredible deal. If within a week or two you did not get a shipping date window please call Amazon and they will have a better understanding when the item is due to arrive. If you feel that the wait time is excessive you can voice your concern and ask to have some credit added on your account for the extra time you have to wait. You can also see if they would expedite the shipping for no extra charge.

4) I am worried about shopping on Amazon.

If you follow this simple guide you should be safe shopping on Amazon Canada.

5) What is Amazon Prime? Is it worth it?

I have written a whole page on Amazon Prime. You can find it here.

6) Where do you find all those deals?

You can use these links to find most of the deals yourself.

7) How do I know the price you mentioned is the lowest price? How long is this price good for?

Amazon prices tend to fluctuate rapidly. I could not find a rhyme or a reason for those fluctuations. There is no plan. Prices can change any moment. When you see a deal you like, do not wait just press the buy now button.  Some of the deals will last minutes and some might last a day or two.

8) What is the difference between a price mistake and a sale?

We sometimes call a price level that is 20% or lower than the prior record low price a “Price mistake”. This definition is just semantics, you could call it a sale or promotion.

9) I bought an item that was clearly a price mistake, and my order got cancelled! Don’t they have to honour that price?

Amazon does not have to, and they can cancel any order without giving a reason. Mind you, if you call customer care and explain the situation in many cases they will give you some credit on your account just for your trouble.

10) How long is the deal for?

 Most retailers have a set time the deals last for usually a span of a week. Amazons prices fluctuate rapidly. Some prices remain the same for months and some change after few minutes or hours. If you like the price you should buy it immediately and not risk the price going up.

11) I try to get free shipping but they say that it is not available to my address. What can I do?

Amazon will not ship to a P.O address. Try changing your address to a real physical address.

Amazon offers you a choice of pick up locations, usually at your local post office. Just press “Search for a pickup point location near you” at the address screen.

Shipping to those locations will incur no extra charge so if the item had free shipping it will be free to ship to a pick up point too.

In some cases when pick up locations will also will not work please call Amazon and they will find a way to fix your address so it does work.

12) What is an add-on item? 

Add-on items are certain low-priced items on Amazon that can be used as fillers in order to become eligible for free shipping if available. These items often have a limit of how many you are able to buy. Add-on items aren’t the only items that can be used as fillers to get free shipping, but they are quite handy. Add-on items will ship for free if you spend over $35 or if you have Prime you only need to spend $25 to ship them for free.

13) Why can’t I see the price? Why is it covered?

For few deals, Amazon covers the price. You need to click “show price”. It will add the item to the cart; only then can you see the price. You can always just delete the item from your cart if you don’t want it. In some cases, there are agreements that prevent them from showing prices that are lower than a set price.

14) You mentioned a lightning deal. What does that mean?

Amazon runs specials for items with very limited stock. The deals last as long as the stock lasts or for a limited amount of time, usually less than 24 hours. You will see a bar with the percentage of the available items already sold. Some of the lightning deals are such good deals they last only minutes. In many cases when the lightning deal is completely sold out and is showing 100% sold Amazon will open a wait list, You might still get the product in the event that one of the people that bought it before canceled their order Just press “join waitlist” and you will be notified if you got the product for that price. You can only buy one lightning deal item per Amazon account. If you need two of the same item, just open another Amazon account for another family member.

15) Does Amazon sell scratch and dent or damaged box items?

Some of the best deals I find are the damaged box items. The prices can be 10% to 40% under the selling price and in most cases the item itself is in perfect – new condition. The box is just a bit damaged. When an item gets to the lowest price point Amazon has to discount the damaged boxes even more.

16) Is this product any good?

In this case, my opinion of the product is irrelevant. Amazons power is in the reviews that members provide. Just scroll down and look at some of the popular reviews customers left. In many cases if there are not enough reviews on there will be a link to Always make an informed decision before buying the product.

17) Is my credit card number safe?

Amazon is the largest retailer on the planet. Your credit card number is as safe as it would be with Walmart. Online purchases are safe and secure. There is absolutely no reason to fear it as long as you are using a reputable retailer.

18) I hear that there are huge shipping charges and brokerage and customs fees for items shipped from the U.S. Sounds like I will get ripped off just when I get the item. is a US based company. The deals I find are with It is a daughter company that is based in Canada; the employees are Canadians, the warehouse is in Canada, and it will ship to your home from Canada. There are no brokerage fees there will be no customs fees there will be no last minute fees of any kind.

19) When will I be charged?

Amazon only charges you the moment the item gets shipped.

20) If I have a problem with the item, will I have to pay for shipping back to Amazon?

If there is a problem with the product, follow these steps:

  • Click “my account”.
  • Click “my orders”.
  • Find the order you want to return.
  • Click “return”.
  • Specify the problem you had with the product.
  • Print the free shipping label and fasten it to the box that you will return to Amazon.
  • Drop the box at any Canada post location.

Shipping back will cost you nothing as long as it is within the 30 days from the shipping date. Amazon also offers free shipping back on select clothing, shoes, jewelry and watches.

21) I hear some WM stores, Best Buy  and Toys R US price match Amazon now. Can’t I go there and buy it there? 

Yes you can. Keep in mind, though, most of the deals that are posted on Savings Guru from Amazon have very short life span from few minutes to hours. You have to show in those stores a real live price, and by the time you will get to the store the Amazon price might change. Price matching usually allows us to get an item from a store that is out of our area. In this case price matching serves no purpose at all. All you need to do is press buy and you will get the item without driving anywhere.

22) Does Amazon price match?

 No, they do not price match, but Amazon tends to copy many of the great deals other retailers in Canada might have. Amazon will price match large screen TV’s to select retailers.

23) I already got a free month of Amazon prime. Can I get it again?

 Yes, as long as you did not have prime for the last 13 months you should be able to sign up and get a free month.

24) Does Amazon take coupons? Do they offer their own coupons

Amazon does not take manufacturers’ coupons however they do offer many of the same coupons just by clicking on the coupon under the item it might say something like “Coupon:
Saving CDN$ 1.50 more” You can only use one coupon per Amazon account.  Many third party vendors offer coupon codes and they are always listed under the product description. You will enter that coupon code at the final stage of your checkout. Usually you will only be able to use the coupon once for each Amazon account. If you need more just ask another family member to open their own Amazon account.

25) Does Amazon offer a baby registry?

Yes it does, check it out. 

26) Does Amazon sell counterfeit products?

Amazon never sells counterfeit products and they are all authentic and with original packaging and full manufacturers warranty.   However in some cases third party sellers on Amazon might sell non-genuine products.

I suggest avoiding the third party sellers for brand name items and only buying from Amazon directly.  Some original items sold by Amazon for such low price people wonder if they are genuine which they sure are.

27) What are third party sellers? 

Almost any person or company can sell on Amazon those are called third party sellers.  I only recommend buying from established sellers that have few thousands of positive reviews. If the seller has no reviews or a newly opened store I suggest not buying from them.  If you plan on buying anyway and have a problem you will have to deal with the third party seller concerning returns or refunds.    You are protected by Amazon for problems but the resolution might take months when a third party seller is involved.  When the company will ask Amazon to fulfill the shipping and service it is called FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) . Since in those cases Amazon will deal with any shipping, inventory or problems you might have I do recommend buying any items that are FBA. 

28) What if I have a problem? customer care is superb. If you were charged shipping by mistake, if your order was not what you expected, even if the item got delayed, they will do anything to make you happy. You can email them , chat with them or call them. (more like they call you)