10 Rules for buying from Amazon. Checklist.

  1. Do you really need the item?

  2. Did you look at the price chart and make sure the price is as low as you want to pay for it? (I always post the chart as the first comment) 

  3.  Is the product sold directly by Amazon Canada? If it does it will have “Ships from and sold by Amazon.ca”

  4.  If sold by a third party did you look at the reviews on the third party?  Did you make sure it has over 1000 reviews and most are positive?

  5.  If the third party seller “Just Launched” skip that seller no matter how good the price is.

  6. Did you read some of reviews on Amazon.com?(NOT on Amazon.ca) The US Amazon has way more reviews on items and the reviews are more balanced. 

  7. Did you buy at least $35 worth of items directly from Amazon (not including any third party items)?

  8. Remember to say no to any offers like Credit card or Prime membership? (Unless you want to register for Prime) 

  9.  Did you remember to switch from “Standard Shipping”  to the “FREE Shipping” option?

  10. Before you press ‘BUY’ think again – Do you really need that item?