Are you tired of paying ghastly, excessive fees just for the privilege of keeping your money somewhere safe? Physical banks come with many drawbacks – the main one being that the physical location and employees have to be paid for somehow, and it’s you that’s doing the paying. There is a new wave, however, of online banking, entirely without fees. Tangerine is a bank that is run entirely online – and with no fees to you.

Tangerine not only offers no fee banking for your chequing account but offers a high interest rate in savings accounts. Your first 50 cheques with Tangerine are completely free! As for credit cards, Tangerine offers a cash-back MasterCard that gives 2% cash back on select categories of your choice and 0.5% cash back for everything else. Transferring money is easy and cheap, as well as user-friendly. You can access your money for free from one of over 3500 ABMs all over Canada, as long as they are connected with the Scotiabank ABM network. They also have options for mortgage, line of credit, and investment.

But the best part? If you sign up here using the key: 50057276S1, you get $50 dollars, just for opening your account. 

Hurry! The $50 is only available until Jan 31, 2018. After that date, the sign up bonus will only be $25.

I opened my account recently, and I was shocked by how easy it was, and yet how secure I felt. Tangerine collaborates with all Canadian post offices, and your ID must be verified there (so that not just anyone can make an account). After Tangerine knows that you’re a Canadian resident, opening the account takes mere minutes. Your money is entirely safe with Tangerine, as they are a subsidiary of Scotiabank, and you have their guarantee.

Tangerine takes the online banking scene by storm, compensating for its lack of a physical location with an easy to use and well-designed mobile app, simple system for cashing cheques and transferring money, and an overall secure and simple system. Try Tangerine today, and join the world of online banking!