Benefits to Using the Optimum Program?

You’ve probably come across SDM members that somehow managed to purchase an Xbox One or PS Vita at a ridiculously low price by using their points. Not every Shoppers Drug Mart has an electronics department, but if your local one does, using Optimum points is a great way to get deals on consoles, video games, cameras, and other electronics. After all, if you’ve been diligent in collecting points, you can save up to $170 on your purchase.

Introduction to the Optimum program:

The Optimum program is free loyalty program offered by Shoppers Drug Mart. Once you sign up, you’ll receive a physical card and emails that alert you to any deals and bonus offers that you may be interested in. Recently, Shoppers Drug Mart has launched an app that will allow you to immediately load your offers to your phone for redemption. By using this app, you can also forgo the physical card and scan your phone instead to earn points.

Each dollar that you spend at Shoppers Drug Mart will earn you 10 Optimum points. According to Shoppers Drug Mart’s current redemption rates, you can save $170 on your purchase if you have spend 95,000 points! 95,000 points is not a small sum and normally – based on this conversion rate – you’d have to spend $9,500 at Shoppers Drug Mart to earn that many points. Seems like a crazy amount of money, but this is where bonus points days and bonus redemption days So

Buy Shoppers Drug Mart Branded Gift Cards First

Buy Shoppers Drug Mart branded gift card before making your purchase. This will always give you an extra 1x points on your purchase. You can do this on 20x points days to get 21x the points, or when buying prescriptions with the amount leftover that you have to pay, or on the remaining tax after you redeem your points, or when you just have to buy something at SDM. Gift cards are as good as cash so if you ever have to fork over money at SDM, you might as well be using a gift card. Keep in mind that there is a $200 cap on gift cards so that is the maximum you can fill it with. Gift cards are also reloadable so you can keep topping up your card when the balance gets low.

Manufacturer Coupons

Apply as many coupons, bonus points, mail in rebates, sales, credit card offers, price matches, and other discounts as you can to a single item that you are purchasing or transaction you are making.

Manufacturer coupons are a very valuable thing at Shoppers Drug Mart because they help you earn more points while spending less and get more products when redeeming your points. Typically if you need to purchase $50 to meet a minimum spend requirement for a promotion the system doesn’t care if you use coupons to pay for part of the purchase. So, if you purchase $50 worth of products to meet the minimum spend on a 20x the points day, but have $20 worth of coupons for those products, then you will in fact only have to spend $30 out of pocket and still get 20x the points on the entire $50 purchase. Imagine if you could take that even further and only spend $10 out of pocket, then you have an amazing deal on your hands!

Bonus Points Days:

Every so often, Shoppers Drug Mart has a bonus points day “Spend $50 or more on almost everything and earn 20x the points!”. In other words, when you spend $50, you’ll earn 10,000 points instead of the usual 500 points. In other instances, Shoppers Drug Mart will award you with 18,500 points when you spend $75 or more. With this offer, you’ll earn a total of 19,250 points (18,500 points plus the points from your $75+ purchase). these bonus events happen around twice a month. When you take advantage of these events, it’s suddenly a lot easier to save up to 95,000 points, especially if you stock up on certain items or make multiple purchases. Between these two offers, the 18,500 bonus points with a $75 purchase is the better deal.

Bonus Redemption Days:

Another way to maximize your savings at Shoppers Drug Mart is to spend your points during bonus redemption days, which is especially great if you earned your points through a bonus points day. Roughly once per month, Shoppers Drug Mart will have one weekend where you’ll get more value out of your points: e.g., spending 50,000 points will get you a $100 discount instead of the customary $85, while spending 95,000 points will get you a $200 discount, instead of the normal discount of $170.

Mega Redemption Days:

A third promotion that Shoppers Drug Mart hosts occasionally is an event that allows you to spend X amount of points and earn Y back. For example, you can spend 90,000 points and earn 30,000 points back — so you’re basically redeeming 90,000 worth of points for just 60,000 points. On even rarer instances, Shoppers Drug Mart will combine this type of promotion with a bonus redemption offer. For example, you can spend 95,000 points and get $170 off your purchase and receive a bonus 30,000 points back. This is one of the best offers we’ve seen from Shoppers Drug Mart as you’re essentially getting $170 off your purchase by spending only 65,000 points. These events happen relatively rarely, but are a great way to get some extra bang for your points.

Shop on Seniors Day at Shoppers Drug Mart

Shoppers Drug Mart offers 20 per cent off on the last Thursday of every month for those who are 65 and older. According to some the eligible age can be as low as 55, depending on the store, so it never hurts to ask.