A beginners Guide to Price Matching

Price Matching is when one store will match another stores pricing. The store you are price matching at will require some kind of proof of the other stores price. Meaning you will need to bring in a flyer from that store. Do you need an actual paper copy of that flyer? If you have the paper flyer, that’s great, bring it. If not, you can use your smart phone or tablet or print a copy of it off of your computer. As long as the details are clear (dates and item info along with the name of the Canadian store) you’re in business.

Most of us are using an app called Flyerify for Canada wide pricing as it contains weekly flyers for all over Canada. There are two other apps you can use for price matching as well but, are only geared to the sales in close proximity to your location. They are called Reebee and Flipp.

Once you’ve found the flyer containing the item you want to price match, the easiest way to store your item for price matching will be to get a screen shot (picture of the item in the flyer). In order to be able to use your screen shot for price matching, you will need to make sure the store name and dates of the sale are visible in your screen shot.

In your flyer apps, find the flyer and the item you wish to price match, lightly tap the screen to get the info needed to show and take your screen shot (proof of the sale price you want).

I usually create a photo album on my phone to store all of the price match items I wish to purchase. It’s a lot quicker and smoother for yourself, the cashier and the people in line behind you.

Next, I make my list of items I wish to price match. On my list I include how many items I want to purchase, brand name and any size info needed and finally, the price I am getting my items for.

Example: 5 Schneiders Red Hots (450g) at .99¢

Yay, now with my list and my screen shots, I am on my way. I go through the store, grabbing the items on my list and make my way to the check out. As I am putting my items into my cart, it’s a good idea to keep price matching items separate from the things I will be paying retail on. I put my items on the counter for the cashier and let her/him know that I will be price matching.  As he/she goes through the items, I show her the screen shots on my phone for each item. She/he now adjusts the price to match and I have saved a ton of money.

*Note: Adding coupons to this practice will save you the most money possible.

*Note: Refer to David’s files for more info on which stores will price match and their exact policies.

*MOST IMPORTANTLY, make sure you’ve done your homework and that your items match the items in the flyer exactly, such as brand, size, flavor, color or whatever other details are included in the ad.

Successful price match check list: paper or mobile flyer (screen shot), items are on my list, dbl check size, brand, flavor, dbl check dates are correct.