Amazon individual codes.

Your FAQ

  1. Can I buy two products using one coupon?

    In most cases, you can’t. To be able to buy two items you will need to get a second code and have another family member open their own Amazon account to be able to activate a second code.

  2. Why did a coupon not work for me?

    The top reasons are: Using an iPad or a Blackberry device. Even on cell phones, it is better to switch to “desktop view” mode to make sure the coupon gets activated. Some people wait too long and have their coupons taken by others.  Make sure you use our link and select the correct item. The coupons usually work on a very specific item only. In most cases, your safest bet is to use a laptop or desktop to be able to activate the codes.

  3. How is shipping calculated?

    If the price of the item/s before the coupon is applied over $35 and you pick the free shipping option there will be no shipping charge.

  4. Will a product with coupons come back?

    Sometimes it will depend on how much did people like it and if it is still available.

  5. Where do I insert the code?

    At the last checkout page just before you place your order where it has “Gift cards & promotional codes”. Insert the code and press “Apply”. You will now see the coupon value being reduced from your total.

Here are all the secrets on those codes.

Companies selling items on Amazon approach us to help promote some items on Savings Guru.

They never pay us anything for doing it.

We make sure the item is in high demand and the price after coupon will be at least 10% under the all-time record low price.

In many cases, the companies will sell it at a loss.

Top reasons companies are willing to loose money.

A) Higher ranking on Amazon: When they get higher ranking they get promoted by Amazon computers much more. 

B) Hope for reviews: When you buy the item they can request a review later and in most cases, happy customers review items in a more positive way. Larger number of reviews brings higher sales.

C) To clear inventory: If the company has slow moving inventory Amazon can charge them storage fees or shipping fees back to the company. In many cases, they would rather sell off the inventory quickly even at a loss.

D) Many people tend to buy the product later without the coupon or sale at full price after they have seen it so many times.

E) Most of the time companies restrict the number of coupons we can hand out.