GSmade Ultrasonic Dog Bark Deterrent sells on Amazon use code QYSI9JMR and save. I think the price is very good. Please read some of the reviews and see people thought of the product. **If you’re not sure whether to buy, add to cart, and you can come back to it later!**


  • 【Upgraded Ultrasonic Pet Corrector With Double Frequency Mode】User show that with only fixed Ultrasonic of only 20KHz, Effect would not last long when training dogs or trying to stop dogs barking or behaving badly. We solve this problem by offer more options. In common mode, the pet corrector spray would be of 20Khz; Press switch button to variable mode, the sound frenquency would variable within 15-20Khz, making clicker dog training runing well and say goodbye to unwanted barking and behaviors.
  • 【700mha Rechargable Battery】You don’t have to prepare AA batteries any longer,save the trouble of replacing battries when in use. and leave a smaller carbon footprint. The 8.4V/700mha rechargable battery we used in the Ultrasonic Dog Bark Control Deterrent passed UN38.8 MSDS. You could use it for 4 months without charging it ( making sound for 1 min/day ). And dog barking control devices would indicate its low power status, then you should charge it for 3 hours and work for more 4 months.
  • 【Safe for Dogs and Human】The anti barking device bark control is tested 15-20Khz frenquency which would not harm dog’s hearing. No electric shock, no liquid properllant, it is the most humane and widely used way to bring you a pleasant life. and would not cause dogs to get hurt or go crazy. This dog barking control devices would be better if using this device together with other methods like reward for good behavior until it forms a reflex not to bark when it only sees this pet corrector.
  • 【Light-Interactive Toy for Dog and Cat 】Safe and Convenient –This toy has passed the German certification TUV and IEC60825. The pet toy is harmless and can provide exercise and endless fun for you and your pets. Worried about your pets’ health because of their fat body? Interactive toy could help with these situations.
  • 【Confident Purchase】 The anti barking device bark control suitable for indoor use and walking the dog outdoors as well. Warm remind: The ultrasonic dog bark control deterrent doesn’t effective for these situation: dogs with hearing problems, against aggressive dogs, under 6 months and over 8 years dogs. And please train them with respect, do not use it as a punishment tool. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us ultrasonic dog bark control device

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