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  • 【Significant effect】: Oral problems should never be underestimated. Tea, smoking, or red wine can settle on the gums and cause stains and tartar. The tartar remover with high-frequency vibration can effectively remove stubborn stains, crush dental calculus, and help maintain long-term oral health and beautiful gum.
  • 【Three-speed vibration】: High performance motor provides strong power. The plaque remover for teeth provides three different high-frequency amplitudes (Soft, Normal, Strong) in order to generate suitable strength according to your tooth sensitivity and the deposits around your gums. One-key adjustment, super easy to use.
  • 【Healthy and safe】: The handle design of the Calculus Remover is ergonomic and provides a reasonable grip. The safe alloy tip and food-grade silicone will not produce harmful substances. The LED light can provide an excellent cleaning experience with good lighting during cleaning for thorough cleaning and avoiding damage to the gums.
  • 【Practical design】: The safe, fast and compatible USB charging method has long battery life and avoids the annoyance of frequent charging. It is suitable for most of the use environment of home and travel. IPX6 waterproof performance, special charging socket design to ensure safety.
  • 【Profesional accessories facilities】: We are equipped with two working tips and mirrors. The sharp tip used to clean small deposits on the edge of the gum; the flat tip for removing large stains. With the help of mirrors, dead corners and back of the mouth can be covered. So you can perform a complete set of oral cleaning at home to remove dirt, residue and odor.