MAGIC ARMOR One Step Gel Nail sells on Amazon. I think the price is very good. Please read some of the reviews at the bottom of the page and see what people thought of the product. Also please check if you might qualify for a free shipping offer if available.

  • 💗 EASY and SAVE TIME — No need to apply BASE and TOP COAT, apply the gel polishes on nails directly and cure under UV/LED nail lamp. You can finish nail art easily in 15 minutes.
  • 💗 SAVE MONEY — Only need to buy ONE bottle of MAGIC ARMOR One Step Gel Polish to complete your nail art easily. Don’t need to BUY BASE and TOP COAT again.
  • 💗 HEALTHY INGREDIENTS — Made from natural resin, wears like Gel, mirror shine finish, good tenacity, LOW SMELL, NON-TOXIC.
  • 💗 LONG LASTING — Don’t need to wipe the gel polishes with rubbing alcohol. With a proper application, last at least 2 weeks.
  • 💗 REMINDER — Applying every THIN coat is the key. Don’t apply the gel polish TOO THICK, the thinner, the better, or it will get the gel shrunk and peeled off.

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