Haofy Electronic Pulse Massager sells on Amazon. I think the price is very good. Please read some of the reviews and see what people thought of the product. Check how you might qualify for a free shipping offer if available.


  • 【PROFESSIONAL TENS MACHINE】Haofy Electric Massager a combination of TENS and PMS device, drug free method of pain relief used by Physical Therapists and prescribed Doctors for over 40 years. It can delivers low-voltage pulses to the skin to stimulate nerve fibers effectively blocking the pain signal to your brain. Also increases natural endorphins (a natural pain reliever).
  • 【UNITS RELAXATION & PAIN RELIEF】AUVON electronic TENS device has as many as 16 user-friendly pre-promgrammed massage modes, includes stimulation of Tapping, Acupuncture, Deep Tissue, Foot, Cupping, Combo. Equipped with 6 Pads, highly ensured for optimal safety when getting fast relief, further protects you from harmful additives and consumption of prescription medication.
  • 【INDEPENDENT MODE CONTROL】Simultaneous dual output design, you can set separate modes and intensities for channel A and channel B. 10 levels of adjustable intensity (strength), Level 1-3 is acceptable to the general public, 4 or more can be adjusted according to their own tolerance. Built in timer from 10 to 60 minutes, adjustable by using ” T ” button, default timer: 20 minutes. When time is due, it is automatically shut off.
  • 【USER FRIENDLY INTERFACE】The LCD backlit display screen can display all 16 mode icons, easy to operate, no need to turn pages, shows you at a glance exactly what you need for your targeted area. Built in rechargeable lithium battery, it can be charged through wall unit or USB port. up to 8 hours of continuous use after being fully charged.
  • 【COMPLETE CERTIFICATION】Highly ensured for optimal safety. Equipped with a storage bag for easy carrying and storage. Relax any time! Anywhere! Total body relaxation, use for back, knee, shoulder, ankles, wrist, elbow and so on. Haofy Come with a full 180 days warranty, 30 days money back guarantee. Any questions please feel free to contact us.

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