TENS Units, HOMIEE Pulse Massager sells on Amazon use coupon code 20012P9M and save. I think the price is very good. Please read some of the reviews and see people thought of the product. Do check how you might qualify for a free shipping offer if available.


***REFILL PADS FOUND HERE***  20 Tens Electrodes Pads

  • Adjustable Intensity and Speed: With the touch of a button you can adjust the intensity level from 1 and to 10. Our TENS works within one session for 15 minutes and shut off automatically. Each one offers adjustable speed
  • Effective Pain Relief: HOMIEE electronic massage helps in easing pain, tiredness, promotes blood circulation, recuperates spleen and stomach, enhances immunity, improves sleep quality and activate circulation for pain relief.
  • Easy to Use: HOMIEE pulse massage has 9 auto procedures. Choose between a diverse range of offerings from waist, shoulder, joint, hand-leg, repeat, sole, massage, beat, knead and more with the simple touch of a button
  • Scientific Design and Dual Output: Created by professional using body simulation technology, bionic technology, bio-electric technology and intelligent microcomputer control technology to penetrate muscle groups deeper than and more effectively. Designed for use on two people simultaneously and multiple different areas of the body
  • Portable and Odor Free: Our product is as light as a remote control, yet incredibly more powerful! Massage the body and take the unit with you wherever you go. It has FDA safety approve and is odor free

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