Wool Dryer Balls 6 Pack XL Use coupon code PDRTJ8N8 to save 70% at the checkout. I think the price is very good. Please read some of the reviews and see what people thought of the product. Do check how you might qualify for a free shipping offer if available.

  • Chemical Free – Handmade from premium wool. Replace dryer sheets and liquid fabric softeners for a natural way to dry your clothes. Perfect for babies and people with sensitive skin.
  • Many Benefits – Lessen wrinkle, reduced static, soften your clothes, and shorten drying time by 25%. Reusable for up to 1,000 loads to save money.
  • 100% Natural – Unbleached, Non-Toxic, No Fillers, No Chemicals, No Synthetics. Replaces dryer sheets and bottles of fabric softener.
  • Practical Gift – Great gift for Bridal Showers, Weddings, House Warming, Baby Showers, Birthdays, and more.
  • Guarantee Promise – we offer a 60 day satisfaction guarantee. Order your Lambcare wool dryer balls 6 pack now with confidence.

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